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Organise communication with your suppliers in the Supplier Portal

Communicating with a supplier often occurs through many communication channels such as email, post and telephone. Vendor Management's Supplier Portal makes it easy to organise all communication with your supplier in a single location. This way you avoid many administrative operations in different systems as well as unnecessary errors. 


Periodic retrieval of contract documents such as certificates and SLA reports 

Requesting documents from your supplier as part of the contract is often done by email, takes time and the progress is difficult to monitor. Document retrieval is quick and easy by sending out audits through Vendor Management. Your supplier immediately sees your request in Vendor Management's Supplier Portal and can easily upload the requested documents. You will then receive a notification that documents have been delivered. These can be checked internally through a workflow and, after being checked, they can be linked to the contract or supplier. 

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Always the latest supplier information in your supplier file 

Changes to contacts can be made continuously by your supplier itself in the Supplier Portal. This also applies to address and bank details. Also, you can ask the vendor to periodically check such data for timeliness. After the supplier makes a change, you will receive a notification of it. After internal review, the information in Vendor Management is updated. 

By sending your supplier a reminder every now and then to review supplier information, such as contact information, and update it as needed, you ensure that your supplier database is current. It is advised to perform periodic updates. 

Manage the request for proposal process through the Supplier Portal

Easily compose your request for quotation including product prices, questionnaires and related documents. Select your suppliers and offer the quote request through the Supplier Portal. Your suppliers will receive a notification asking them to respond to the request for quotation. This will also include an opportunity for questions. After the offer period closes, compare the quotes offered and choose the best one.  

Are you also interested in gaining control of your supplier relationships?  

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