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Increase financial impact
with Business Spend Management

Start managing all your organization’s expenses and processes. A single spend management platform for: Vendor Management, Sourcing, Contract Management, Procurement, AP Automation, Spend Analytics and more.  


A sustainable business


Optimize profitability


Minimize risk

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Do you need insight into and control of expenses? And are you looking for a seamless integration with your ERP system? It's time to optimize your savings, operate more efficient processes and reduce risks. The spend management  portfolio of ISPnext offers an end-to-end solution.

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The benefits of BSM for your business

Building a sustainable business

With Business Spend Management (BSM), you will immediately increase the effectiveness of your organization. Link the platform to your ERP system and get the insights you want.

Optimize profitability

Thanks to a smooth implementation and straight-forward adoption, the Business Spend Management platform immediately becomes the central location for your purchasing organization and accounts payable administration. 

Minimize risk

Quick and easy access to up-to-date information thanks to the extensive and practical reporting functionality. Manage your organization’s spend in the most efficient and least risky way with renewed insight. Think cost savings, less compliance risk and fewer human errors.


"Maximize order value while costs are decreasing. Risks are being controlled and vendor relations become stronger."

The end-to-end portfolio of ISPnext gives you power to control the entire Source-to-Pay process.

- Gustaf Tanate, CEO | ISPnext

Business Spend Management in 6 (random) steps

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Discover our solutions

Discover our Business Spend Management solutions by clicking on the diagram on the left. ISPnext instantly increases your organisation's financial impact.

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AP Automation

 Less administrative work to digitize, match and approve? Realize significant cost savings for invoice processing with our solution AP Automation.

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Dynamic Discounting

By paying invoices faster, you can arrange attractive discounts with your suppliers. The Dynamic Discounting process helps you do this, is digital and prevents manual operations. This results in considerable savings and improves your organisation's cash flow.

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Vendor Management

Thanks to a central environment in Vendor Management, you quickly have insight into your supplier database. This includes expenses, contracts, risk profiles and supplier assessment. You have complete control to maximize vendor relationships. 

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Contract Management

With Contract Management, you manage the contract process from contract preparation to contract renewal or termination. Including approval and digital signing with your supplier.  

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With our solution Procurement you automate the entire purchasing process. Automatically generate an ordered recommendation and place orders with preferred suppliers in linked online shops.   

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Managing the procurement process from procurement needs to signing the contract with our Sourcing solution. Find the best suppliers based on internal needs, project specifications and supplier details.

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Spend Analytics

One view of all spending with best practice dashboards in Spend Analytics. Thanks to up-to-date data, a spend analysis allows you to identify bottlenecks in time and take action. 

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Do you already have centralised information from all your suppliers? Supplier360's master data cloud provides a comprehensive overview of your supplier chain, compiled from multiple sources, giving you real-time data always available centrally.

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Build a sustainable business with Business Spend Management. Increase your financial impact right away by managing all your organization’s expenses and processes in one platform.

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Rebate Management

Want to receive your bonus agreements better, more efficiently and on time? With our solution Rebate Management you are able to manage and utilise bonus agreements more effectively.

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