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    Standardising is the future

    Statements we often hear: “We are a company with many exceptions" and "we have always done it this way”. These statements say a lot about organis..........

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    AP Automation in 6 steps

    Realize significant cost savings for invoice processing. Less administrative work to digitize, match and approve? Invoices are automatically ..........

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    Growth model: From AP Automation to BSM

    It is becoming increasingly important when setting up your procurement processes to taking into account various risk scenarios that could directly or indirectly disrupt your business processes dire..........

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    The Adoption of E-Invoicing

    With electronic invoices, data is exchanged in a predefined format between systems. When the data is complete, systems can automate the data e..........

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    PDF Invoice History with Electronic Invoice

    Invoice processing solutions are used by organisations worldwide. There are major differences between countries in the submission and regulation of invoices. Paper invoices are almost extinct in th..........

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    An ERP is not suitable for the procurement function

    In practice, we often see it: people try to integrate the procurement function into the ERP system and spreadsheets. We frequently see it fail. The reason for trying is obv..........

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