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Automotive industry

Ensure your Automotive organisation has an automated Source-to-Pay process. A sustainable business is within reach. Stay 'One Step Ahead' with an automated process from Vendor Management to AP Automation. Leverage best practice dashboards to optimise spend in Spend Analytics, capture vendor agreements in Contract Management, and conduct vendor ratings with vendor rating via Vendor Management. Manage your entire supply chain to reduce risk and maximise results.

Enable optimal performance of Finance and Procurement employees thanks to a better grip on the entire Source-to-Pay process. Link the platform to your ERP system and get the insights you want. Centrally focus on your purchasing organisation and accounts payable department.

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Martijn ten Kroode | Procurement Manager

"Precisely because we are such a decentralised managed company, there was no single system that could be deployed Pon-wide. We needed one system where information from various administrative systems could be brought together to provide insights."

Challenges managed

Manage costs

Connect the platform to your ERP system for insight into the continuous flow of invoices and orders. Get a handle on invoice processing with AP Automation and analyse costs through the comprehensive dashboards in Spend Analytics. Use the insight to save money but also to further optimise the supply chain.


Reduce procurement risks

Analyse the details of costs in different commodities and record agreements with suppliers in Contract Management. Review your suppliers to verify that agreements are met to quickly identify risks.

Qualify suppliers

Work with the right suppliers by qualifying and testing suppliers in advance for their certifications, for example. Actively involve your suppliers in purchasing processes in Vendor Management to achieve better cooperation together.

Are you ready to take control of your spend?

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