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Financial Services

Ensure your Financial Services organisation has an automated Source-to-Pay process. A sustainable business is within reach. Stay 'One Step Ahead' with an automated process from Vendor Management to AP Automation. Fulfil compliance and risk management with an automated process from Vendor Management to AP Automation. Bundle the data at the vendor level to have control and insight into the necessary documentation. Enable optimal performance of Finance and Procurement employees thanks to a better grip on the entire Source-to-Pay process.

Link the platform to your ERP system and get the insights you want. Centrally focus on your purchasing organisation and accounts payable department.

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Van Lanschot

Peggy Klingers | Head of Procurement

"Thanks to the clear reporting fields in Vendor Management, we can demonstrate how we are implementing risk management on a contract-by-contract basis."

Challenges managed

Increase your compliance

Get insight into costs with Spend Analytics while creating an overall view of all your suppliers. Screen suppliers in advance and periodically using questionnaires and documentation. By automating this process, you reduce risks related to your own business operations.

Comply with laws and regulations

As a result of the continuously increasing regulation of the financial markets, financial institutions have to record and demonstrate more and more information about their suppliers. With Contract and Vendor Management, you record all agreements, tasks and documentation with suppliers in one place.

Get a grip on processes

By executing the entire process of Source-to-Pay in one platform, you not only manage all information in one place; Procurement and Finance have an easier insight into the entire process this way. From that insight, you can further professionalise and get a grip on the whole chain.

Are you ready to take control of your spend?