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Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden Signs Digital Care Contracts with ISPnext

Ed Bötticher, the contract manager, was personally involved in the implementation of ISPnext. Ed says: "At my previous employer, we also worked with ISPnext. After I transferred to the Service Desk, a department which did not yet have a contract and supplier management system, we started a selection process to choose a contract management system. This resulted in purchasing ISPnext."

"ISPnext understands what we need in the social domain to properly perform contract and supplier management. It is a company that is constantly evolving and guides the customer on this journey. For example, ISPnext regularly organises webinars to further explain functionalities and knowledge sessions to share information with each other."

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Contracting Health Care Providers During COVID-19

Because many of the agreements with youth aid providers expired in 2020, the Haaglanden Youth Aid Service Office had to enter into new agreements for the coming years. Due to the enormous workload this entails and the Covid-19 measures which were in place, the Service Bureau expressed a desire to have this done digitally as much as possible.  

Ed says: "Each healthcare provider would receive 12 contracts to sign. With an enrolment of 200 healthcare providers, we had a total of 2,400 contracts to sign. It was a huge task which could almost only take place digitally during the COVID-19 period. This is why we asked ISPnext for help with their E-signing application. The goal of this project was for all participating healthcare providers to sign the contracts digitally via E-signing."

After publication, approximately 185 providers applied for this. ISPnext requested that all these providers verify their information via the Audit: correct company name, signatory name including email and Chamber of Commerce number. ISPnext would then autofill this information into the agreements. 

After the procurement team of Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden decided which care providers were awarded and which were not, ISPnext prepared all agreements with the correct signatory name and position. After the standstill period was over, all agreements were sent out by ISPnext. 

Based on continuous monitoring of contracts to be signed by both Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden and ISPnext, all 1,850 agreements were digitally signed within a week.

To achieve this result, ISPnext put a lot of work into communication. This included explainer videos, manuals and a dedicated support page for help and answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

We are very pleased that the process of signing through ISPnext was completed digitally (E-signing). Even without Covid-19, this was an almost impossible task to accomplish in seven days via the old school way of a wet (two-sided) signature. With the help of ISPnext, this process went smoothly and quickly.

"The implementation went smoothly. We received quick and knowledgeable advice and there was a lot of room for flexibility."

- Ed Bötticher, Contract Manager | Service Jeugdhulp Haaglanden


Use ISPnext

The goal of Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden is to collect as much information as possible and run information flows about care providers and contracts through ISPnext. In this way, communication with healthcare providers is routed through the Supplier Portal. Periodically requesting information from providers, such as changes in contact, and organisational data and documents, such as a production statement, can be completed quickly and easily through the Audit feature. The healthcare provider immediately receives the request via email and can easily upload the requested documents themselves. For the healthcare provider, this is quick, clear and easy to implement. The person responsible within Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden then receives a notification with the ability to link the information directly to the care provider or contract. "By periodically and structurally requesting documents and information in this way, we work more efficiently while increasing the quality of our information. This additionally saves us a lot of time, the process remains clear and we have our documents in one central place," according to Ed Bötticher.


A contract and supplier management system such as ISPnext enables the improvement of contracts and processes at Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden. As Ed pointed out to us: "We have insight into all of our contracts, which allows us to determine if we have the right contracts and/or if additional requirements are needed. The contract managers now see the contracts for which they are responsible. This makes everything clear to everyone."

About Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden 

Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden is an organisation within the social domain established for 10 municipalities in the Haaglanden region. Servicebureau Jeugdhulp Haaglanden handles everything regarding the procurement and contracting of youth aid in this region. These 10 municipalities have a combined population of 1.1 million. The Haaglanden Youth Aid Service Bureau includes procurement and contract management, chain coordination, legal affairs, control, I&A, claims services and office management.