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Quick invoice processing at Natra

Natra Chocolate International has been collaborating with ISPnext on the processing of the incoming invoice stream since 2007. We chat with Christoph Donckers, Accountant for Natra Malle. ‘’We started using your invoice processing solution linked to the BAAN IV ERP system at Natra Malle. We were so enthusiastic about it that all Natra group subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Spain and Canada started using ISPnext.'' Natra has since stopped the interfaces and the use of Baan IV and Navision. They now use the standard interface with Dynamics AX 2012.

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Pipeline - Story - Header - Natra

Efficiency gains

Natra has observed that all branches have made efficiency gains with the processing of digital invoices. Christoph explains: ‘’ISPnext's invoice processing solution offers several benefits. Firstly, outstanding items are available immediately upon receipt, resulting in optimisation of working capital and cashflow. Secondly, the monthly financial figures are reliable because no invoices are lost by missing the physical flow. Thirdly, the workflows automatically route the invoice to the right person for approval, which is very convenient. There is also automatic approval for a 100% match. Fourthly, invoices are easy to locate for audits.’’

Smart Scan

Natra also uses the integrated SmartScan scanning tool in the invoice processing solution. SmartScan ensures optimisation of invoice recognition. ‘’Recording of invoices is quicker with SmartScan, especially for things like automatic recognition of the invoice number, invoice date, amounts and order number.’’

‘’Thanks to years of experience with ISPnext, we both know exactly what it takes to add new companies. This limits the lead time of a project.''

- Christoph Donckers
  Accountant | Natra Malle

Advanced approval process

ISPnext facilitates an advanced approval process for Natra. ‘’We use a standard approval process with clear division of responsibilities. Delays in the approval process are limited thanks to the four-eyes principle and automatic daily mailings.’’


‘’Thanks to years of experience with ISPnext, we both know exactly what it takes to add new companies. This limits the lead time of a project. It is important that the financial department is involved in the roll-out process and that the resources are available to test everything. In general, the new roll-out process is fairly easy because everything is based on a standard interface used by the Natra group.’’


Natra is positive about collaboration with ISPnext. ‘’Collaboration with ISPnext has always been positive over the past 15 years. There were start-up problems in the beginning with the roll-out of Natra Chocolate Belgium (2013), but these were resolved properly and efficiently. The addition of extra companies in Dynamics AX 2012 combined with ISPnext can be done very quickly thanks to the standard interface.’’

About Natra Chocolate International

Natra brings the European chocolate tradition to five continents and supplies products to leading retailers with the most prestigious international brands in 90 countries. See website for more information.

Natra Chocolate International processes almost 50,000 invoices annually and has an interface with Dynamics AX 2012. Natra has been using ISPnext's invoice processing solution, including SmartScan, since 2007.