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One platform for you as CFO

Define and monitor short and long-term financial strategy? ISPnext's Business Spend Management solutions provide you, the Chief Financial Officer, with the insights you need to meet your financial goals. ISPnext offers CFOs an end-to-end portfolio for the entire Source-to-Pay process.


Optimal control over the entire invoicing process from a single application


Increase payment lead time rates thanks to the right insights


Less handling due to automatic recognition of invoices

How Business Spend Management empowers you as a CFO

Minimise the risk with ISPnext's Business Spend Management solutions. Quick and easy access to up-to-date information thanks to the extensive and practical reporting functionality. Manage your organisation's spend with the highest efficiency and the lowest risk with renewed insight.



With better insights into spending, you increase your organisation's agility.



Do business sustainably and improve the transparency of your organisation.


Risk & Compliance

Improve understanding of contracts, reduce bottlenecks and manage contract risks.



Thanks to the latest technology and automation, you create efficient processes.



Manage the overall procurement process and realise greater cost savings.

Solutions for the CFO


Procurement offers your purchasing organisation the most cost-effective way of purchasing thanks to catalogues, without unauthorised obligations. Centralise all procurement activities, documents and processes in a single location. Procurement enables users to increase efficiency through renewed insights into procurement and transactional data.

AP Automation

AP Automation provides your finance department with the ability to process invoices as efficiently as possible. Realise significant cost savings for invoice processing by automating the processing of incoming invoices. AP Automation enables users to digitise invoice processing to increase efficiency, create transparency and be compliant.


Successful invoice processing.

"ISPnext has ensured that our invoice processing has become a success."

- Maikel Jongenelis, CFO | HAK

Are you ready to take control of your spend?