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Komatsu Integrates Invoice Approval Process

Komatsu Europe International works with ERP systems Infor LN and Baan V. With ISP-Invoice, they switched to the integrated scanning tool SmartScan. Integrating ISP-Invoice with SmartScan ensures optimisation of invoice recognition. Purchase invoices are processed increasingly swiftly as a result.


Good Guidance and Follow-Up

Komatsu Europe International is a leading global manufacturer of construction, mining and utility equipment.

Eric de Cat, ICT Business Analyst Finance at Komatsu, has had a positive experience with ISPnext as its partner: “We always start with clear agreements. The consultants are all professionals and know what they are doing. Implementation and upgrades are not a problem. There is good guidance and follow-up on projects."

"The integrated approval process has significantly increased efficiency, as it was all done manually before."

- Eric de Cat, ICT Business Analyst Finance | Komatsu

Eric de Cat


International rollout

Komatsu Europe International annually processes nearly 100,000 invoices, completely digitally, with ISP-Invoice 4.5 including SmartScan and ISP-Purchase. ISPnext's business solutions are used in the UK, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

About Komatsu

Komatsu is a manufacturer of construction equipment founded in 1921 in Komatsu, Japan. Komatsu Europe International is a global leader in construction, mining and utility equipment.