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Efficient Invoice Processing for Hakron with AP Automation

Hakron Group uses ISPnext's AP Automation solution. Arrienne Bosch, Controller at Hakron Group, says: "For accounts payable, it is practical and efficient that the software is the same for all companies. This enables us to easily switch between companies from one place. For the rest of the organisation, it is nice that everyone has quick insight into pending and closed invoices."



Thanks to the AP Automation solution, Hakron was able to make several improvement rounds. In 2019, they completed the first efficiency improvement after the implementation. "During the first implementation in 2019, we made the biggest efficiency improvement because the entire paper flow could be abolished. Before the introduction of the digital invoice processing solution, we were still working without digital invoices and everything was stored in binders."

Hakron completed the second improvement round by switching to ISPnext's cloud solution: ‘’By adopting AP Automation, we were able to make a second improvement round. ISPnext has a direct link to our Microsoft D365 F&O ERP system, allowing an invoice to be processed immediately. This promptly identifies any errors in an entry, allowing us to directly resolve potential problems, such as a purchase order that has not yet been approved or a missing financial dimension. The entire handling of the incoming invoice flow has become faster and more reliable. Last but not least, during audits and financial controls, the approval route of an invoice is now quickly visible and all comments are easy to read back."


Hakron is positive about working with ISPnext's solution. "The software is easy to use and has a straightforward user interface. Also, the direct login through Microsoft accounts makes the system easily accessible."

"The entire handling of the incoming invoice flow has become faster and more reliable."

- Arrienne Bosch,
  Controller | Hakron




Arrienne is enthusiastic about collaborating with ISPnext. "We like the cooperation with ISPnext. The fast, clear and informal way of communicating is in line with the way we want to work in the Finance department. We were one of the first companies in 2020 to partner with ISPnext and the Microsoft D365 F&O ERP system. This presented some challenges. This was well anticipated. Any problems that arose could be resolved quickly or there was a clear plan with the prospect of a solution," Arrienne says.

"By now, everything is running to satisfaction. It has already become routine again, but at the time I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of tools from the software that make life easier. In addition, the speed of response to tickets is perfect. ISPnext aligns well with our workflow and ERP system. Extensive new functionality and improvements have been added, which allows us to take another huge step forward."

About Hakron

The Hakron Group is a family-owned company founded in 1968, and it has been operating in Belgium since 1990. Hakron is an innovative and reliable partner in accessories for concrete and residential construction, formwork and prefab. Hakron is a prominent player in both the Netherlands and Belgium. It has earned its leading position based on a complete product range, expert technical advice and reliable and fast deliveries.

The Hakron Group consists of Hakron Netherlands, Hakron Belgium, Hakron-Terwa, Hakron Houtbouw, Hakron Services and Certacon.

Hakron processes 10,000 to 25,000 invoices on an annual basis and interfaces with Microsoft’s D365 F&O ERP system.