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Fundamental Network

Fundamental Network is a business sales partner of ISPnext. Fundamental Network advises companies on the acquisition of AP Automation software and has solutions for 200 financial packages. Since 2012 Fundamental Network is a partner of ISPnext as an active lead generator.  


Fundamental Network

Fundamental Network

About the partner

Since 2007 Fundamental Network is located in Eindhoven, and specialized in solutions to digitize incoming and outgoing invoices. They advise in the best possible applications to process incoming and outgoing invoices with a financial system/accounts payable department. 

Become a partner?

What does a partnership with ISPnext mean to you?

  • Strengthen your customer position
  • Prevent customer loss
  • Transform your customers from transaction-oriented to data-oriented
  • Accelerate your customer growth
  • Grow with us in our BSM platform